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Lithium Ion Metal Magnetic Seperator

lithium ion metal magnetic seperator is composed of high-performance permanent magnetic core, abandoned iron belt, gear motor, frame, roller and other components, which can be used together with a variety of conveyors. Used to automatically remove 0.1 to 25 kg of ferromagnetic materials from nonmagnetic materials. The internal magnetic circuit uses the computer simulation design and improved dual-pole structure to ensure that the entire machine can operate without failure in harsh environments in the long term

Capacity: customized

Application: solid waste crushing and recycling

Structural feature

1. Magnetic circuit uses the computer simulation design and perfect dual-pole magnetic structure with high magnetic field strength, large gradient and suction. 

2.Use the high-performance NdFeB as the magnetic source with high magnetic energy product, not easily demagnetized, and demagnetization in eight years does not exceed 5%. 

3.The waist drum-shaped roller structure is equipped with the function of automatic correction, and the fully sealed bearing has good sealing performance, which can adapt to a variety of harsh environments. 

4.The belt can automatically unload iron and can guarantee long-term and continuous operation without failure. 

5.The control part can be linked with the belt conveyor to achieve two ways of local manual control and centralized control. 

Technical parameter

belt width (mm) Rated lifting height (mm) Material thickness (mm) Magnetic field intensity (mT) belt
speed (m/s)
Power (kw) dimension (mm) Weight (kg)
SY-C-500 500 150 100 60 4.5 1.5 1900*935*735 750
SY-C-600 600 180 130 60 4.5 1.5 2050*1530*780 920
SY-C-800 800 250 150 70 4.5 2.2 2350*1280*800 1250


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