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Automatic Pulse Dust Collector

Automatic Pulse Dust Collector is suitable for the purification of dusty gas and material recovery in metallurgy, building materials, cement, machinery, chemical, electric power and light industry.

Capacity: customized

Application: purification of dusty gas


Automatic Pulse Dust Collector is suitable for machinery , rubber, flour, chemical, pharmaceutical, carbon, building materials, mining purifying the dusty gas and recycling materials.The machine is widely applied in metallurgy, construction materials, cement, machinery and other industries. Our Automatic Pulse Dust Collector is designed in basis of introducing many advantages of the same products,adopts advantages of the same products adopts advanced pulse blow technology ,which enables the machine to clear the Dust completely ,low resistance. The qualified spare parts ensure the high-efficiency of the dust cathcer. It still has other advantages of full automation ,high-efficirncy,easy maintenance.


1. The special circular air bag with straight solenoid valve reduce the damage of the solenoid valve diaphragm, stable and reliable work.
2. The new practical patent technology, original structure, compact process.
3. The foreign party inside the circle, original and high efficient dust removal equipment, flexible process layout, cover a little area.
4. High dust removal efficiency (99.9% or higher)
5. Filter bag can be according to user needs to choose super fine, heat resistance, moisture resistance, antistatic, etc.


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